Disinfection Against Viruses including COVID-19, bacteria and fungi

Do you need a proper disinfection/fumigation for your premises? Do you want to give your customers and employees a safe working environment? Where everybody feels safe? Well, with our rapid, long-lasting and powerful broad-spectrum disinfectant with a formulation that gives a highly effective yet safe biocidal disinfectant with cleaning properties, we can help.

Disinfectants (active ingredients are Glutaraldehyde 15% v/v and Benzalkonium chloride 10% v/v) Used:

  • is a potent, rapid, and long-acting disinfectant that provides control of major pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and viruses with a formulation that gives a highly effective yet safe biocidal disinfectant with cleaning properties.
  • is non-corrosive and can, therefore, be used on all kinds of surfaces and equipment.
  • has a residual activity that lasts for between 7-14 days and remains active even in heavily soiled areas.
  • is biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • is non-staining and non-tainting.

Commercial Cleaning

What does our commercial cleaning entail you may ask? First, we’ll do a physical survey, checking for our key determinants: Tenancy capacity, extra details, existing cleaning standards, what need to be improved, what areas are sensitive, flooring, façade, walling- this will determine how many professionals will be assigned to you, detergents to be used, how much garbage/waste and frequency of collection, number of sanitary bins required and frequency of servicing. Two, we’ll walk you through our findings, recommendations and explore what other options might be available. Then, prepare a customized proposal and quotation. Upon agreement, work commences.

Garbage collection

We offer collection of different types of waste for instance, paper waste- your typical waste, construction waste, Medical and Healthcare waste, food and restaurant waste. From commercial to residential properties, we provide garbage bags as well.

Sanitary bin care solutions

Sanitary bins are very essential for every office and shared ladies’ room. Proper disposal of sanitary products is key to providing a safe and sanitary environment. The failure to provide sanitary bins risks significant environmental damage, as well as damage to public and private drainage and sewer systems.

High window cleaning

Sparkling clean is a phrase which any premises owner can wish to have associated with their glasses/ window glasses. We comfortably make this real by ensuring we have competent workers and up to date techniques and machinery.

Janitorial services

Are you looking for a professional cleaner for your general cleaning whether at home or at a facility?

 A well trained, well-acquainted with cleaning products and safety? Is your answer yes? We got you sorted.

Fumigation and Pest control services

Pests, bedbugs, cockroaches, lice, mosquito to name but a few can be a nuisance should they invade your premises or institution. At keep it neat and clean services are fully equipped to have all these pest and insects dead in a flash!

Commercial gardening and landscaping services

We provide monthly or seasonal maintenance services for weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, and can proactively see what needs to be done so your business looks its best.
A nicely maintained landscape is pleasing to look at, improves worker productivity, and attracts new clients. Investing in attractive landscaping is an opportunity to reflect your ecological values to your clients. We are here to help!

Experience a cleaner, healthier, and safer working environment.