How Advancements in Tech Continue to Transform the Cleaning Industry

Jul 14, 2021 | General Cleaning | 0 comments

Not so long ago, cleaning was associated with a bucket of soapy water, a “makuti” broom, a hard brush, and an old t-shirt-turned-duster. Little by little, make-shift equipment using full human-height tree branches became a common sight attached to the same apparatus. Now we have mops of every kind imaginable, soft brooms, flat brooms, and hard brooms, of varying brush consistencies, wipe cloths of every fabric. The options are endless.

Malls, shopping centers, bazaars, high rises, office buildings, towers. Once infrastructure progressed, technology joined the WhatsApp group. These prompted the advancements in existing tech, in an attempt to initiate less labor-intensive machinery, more efficient and diverse use of the same equipment,

Mannequin Monday – All the Prisoners Got One – Bob Gillen

‘A Zamboni’-I bet you’ve locally come across it at Sarit Centre. : Photo Courtesy

An example is a hoover. Did you know that there are hoovers that bear 2in1 properties i.e. they suction dust and water? Another is a scrubbing machine. It has a base that you can customize according to the task at hand, and surface type. If you want to scrub floors say terrazzo, cemented, cabro, tiles, you attach a brush pad. If you would like to wax floors, you attach a waxing pad. There are scouring pads, soft-bristled pads, etc.

For large-scale work in huge buildings, we have a Zamboni where the operator sits in the machinery and seems to be driving it-yes that’s a cleaning tool, and it’s very multi-faceted and extremely efficient in its uses, and I bet you’ve locally come across it at Sarit Centre.

Robotics and AI are driving advancements in machinery that are ensuring diversity and efficiency are the number one factor being considered. Try spending time window shopping in online stores. You’ll come across terms such as cordless, ergonomic, agile, voice-activated, green energy, app connectivity. These have made the process that is cleaning to be optimal, less time-consuming, reliable, and better in many other ways. Yes, the price tag, will astonish you, and it’s worth it.

This is just the beginning of this century. Innovations are evolving. Ideas are ever-changing. What is left is to embrace change which is inevitable in its entirety.



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