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Christmas season is here.

Employee appreciation is a gesture that should be embraced like a bear hug.

Our employees are like family. They are our work family.

All throughout the year, our employees give us their best. They toil and cultivate for our business. They handle clients. They deliver according to our business modules. They master and tread the path of our vision as business owners/entrepreneurs. They adopt our vision, and carry our dreams. There are those who’ll step up when called upon. And there are those who’ll go the extra mile.

We support each other in our joys and in our sorrows. We celebrate birthdays, and weddings, and newborns, and come together in grief.

We laugh together at the memes and the jokes and the vines during tea break and over lunch hour. And during that walk to the bus stop, or that ka-lift ju you ply the same route.

These are the little moments that make our days.

Ah let me not start on the work-place romances. These ones-they are the gems that make the office ‘udaku’ tops.

We may disagree from time to time. We may disagree a handful of times. But we mend the cracked bridges and try with the broken ones. We deal with it, resolve it and move past it.

So why not be Santa Claus this year. A Christmas bonus, perhaps a bag of dry foods e.g. cooking oil, maize flour, rice, wheat flour, some ndengu, bar of soap…maybe a family fun day. An engagement that will add on to the memories of being part of the company. After all, memories are always remembered, that’s why they are called memories.

Each of us is a Santa Claus in their own way.

And Santa Claus is coming to town (Or should).

I know it has been a tough year for all of us, but there is hope. Something small would be the grandest gesture.


  1. Winnie Waga

    This is awesome. I second this idea??

    • KNCS

      of course!!!


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